Form Follow Idea An introduction to design poetics.

Form Follow Idea. An introduction to design poetics by Maxine Nay and Ralph Ball

p55 Exploring the poetics of the everyday and valuing what we have already does not mean a reactionary stance against progress. It means being reflective about the headlong pursuit of progress and innovation at all costs.

p45 we like to think that we design for ourselves, and we do. But in the important ways we are really very much like a lot of other people. And if you are going to design for yourself then you have to make sure design deeply for yourself because otherwise you are just designing for eccentricities and that is where you are different Charles Ermes

“Trust in going ahead and doing something guided by intuition in order then to find out, post rationally, what the unconscious has revealed.”

Poetry in objects:
p56 for an idea to really speak as an object, that is, a thing in three dimensions, it must have more than one dimension. Reference here, is to dimensions of meaning and association, correspondences of material and context, in addition to more obvious and inescapable physical dimensions. An ‘Idea’ with several ‘value’ dimensions or layers is more likely, on balance, to be rich and intriguing.

p60 We attempt to understand the new by relating it to forms and ideas that are familiar. Similes and metaphors, both literal and visual, act like bridges to link the unknown back to the known.


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