Drinking old bottled water.

Well we all know not to drink from old water bottles as they degraded the bottle, but I though I would give it a go and see if the water does actually taste different, which I discovered was a bad mistake. Having found an old water bottle from my car (unlike Brittany who had 26 bottles in her car before the clean out, its something which we all seem to do) I had to bottles one empty and one that had a mouthful at the bottom. After my mouthful I could taste the plastic, we all know the taste, as when something is new and plastic it has the odor and as you smell you taste very unpleasant. I thin had the delight of plastic granules in my mouth sort of like the feeling of sand in your teeth rough and unpleasant. So now with my shorted life thanks to drinking plastic, I can conform don’t use old water bottles and drink old water.

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