Last week and what I have to do

I am now behind a week thanks to being sick,finally I am well enough to work again, though now with the added pressure of being behind. I had my first Chinese exam last Friday it didn’t go to well as I couldn’t revise for it as I couldn’t concentrate or think at all (waiting 5 minutes for my toast to cook and then realising there was nothing in the toaster) ohh well at least I know I would have passed.

here is what is left to research before I can retype out all essays, draw illustrations and find photos relating to them

  • Internals parts of the drinking fountain and a visit to the plumbers to talk about pipes and plumbing
  • type out notes from books I have been reading
  • try and get in touch with a few more  people and get their views about drinking fountains
  • reflections on what I have done
  • Final layout and grid design

I will complete a rough book layout so I can get some feedback before submission. Looks like I am in for one action packed week of uni work, chinese revision and work (its stock take at the momnet so I am working extra hours too)

It was very annoying to miss class as now I don’t have time to do the work and get feedback (as nothing is finished to show) so I will just have to rely I know and understand what was covered this semster and where I am heading.


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