Map of Drinking fountains in Melbourne

I Finally found it from this site yes it’s Melbourne’s drinking fountains mapped out and highlighted along with bicycle racks lockers showers and bike paths.  Or you can also find it here.

Most of the standard items in the CBD such as seats and benches, newer steel bollards, litter bin
surrounds/inserts are now ten to twelve years old. Whilst the main street furniture items are still
considered to be structurally sound, they are increasingly in need of minor repairs and repainting.

Within the City of Melbourne there are approximately 6,700 individual assets with a value of
approximately $6M. From the street furniture plan 2005 – 2010.

There are 60 Drinking fountains located within the CBD, 54 located within the wider community of the council, this means a total of 114 drinking fountains within Melbourne city council.

There are three guiding principles that underpin this strategy. These are that street
furniture improvements must be:
o Socially useful;
o Environmentally friendly and;
o Cost effective;

An interesting discussion about the cost of things, in this case it is a bus but who ever really thinks about how much things really cost.

I have no idea how much a fire hydrant, a subway turnstile or a policeman’s badge costs.Case in point: How much do you think the average New York City bus costs? I would’ve naively guessed about $90,000, and if you told me it was $120,000 I’d be surprised but I wouldn’t question you. But if you told me the average city bus costs over a half a million dollars, I would have thought you were dead wrong. Yet an article in The Times nespaper tells us the price of a new city bus is just under $550,000 in NYC.

I must have saved this to draft instead of publishing, and as I have been sick I haven’t been online at all.


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