More Images of drinking fountains online

Some more images these are newer looking drinking fountains.

This is an awesome photo showing the internal pipes of the fountain through the maintenance hatch. It has the feel that’s its a low cost model, I also don’t like the big concrete block for kids to stand on if its going to be there it needs to be incorporated into the design not an after thought.

This magpie is drinking from a leaking drinking fountain.

You can spot this drinking fountain from a mile away but I don’t think it’s for the right reasons.

I think this is why some people refer to drinking fountains as bubblers, as the water ran continuously and bubbled away. I am not sure if I really like the older drinking fountains as they are so familiar or there is something more to them.

Same as the red one, but a slightly different model

There is always something fascinating about seeing the pipes and workings on something though I am just sure it’s because I like to see how it works.

This drinking fountain is shut off for the winter in Ohio America.

This is a good photo showing all the components as it’s a pretty rough and ready drinking fountain.

It’s interesting to see how the old fountains are affected buy water and dirt.

This shows that the tap has been broken, you can see the pipe inside.

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