Images of drinking fountains

As you know there are so many photos of drinking fountains out there so I am just going to be showing the most interesting, the ones I like and have a certain elegance, and if I find any that are just plain terrible too so I can build up a sense of aesthetics as to whats already out there. Here is a link to a group on flicker for photos of drinking fountains. Dual Fountains

Though I am more interested in free standing fountains there was something about the simplicity in this wall mounted one.


This fountain is inserting as the water flows downwards, different cultures feel it’s easier to use and more comfortable drinking from this.

This is one of the worst I have ever seen and could imagine wanting to drink from it, even tough its aimed for children having a roof up above you seems daunting.

I am not quite sure what is up with this fish, but having so many extra attachments ruins the aesthetics, I don’t really like its form as it looks like to many things pieced together.

Though this one is massive and obviously indoors as it’s made from copper, it has something eye catching about the form even though it’s quite simple, the material choice really makes this piece.

This is defiantly a mass produced drinking fountains as you can see buy the material choice. I do think the red helps to be easily identified but the form has a lot to be desired for. It reminds me of an over sized tap as it is metal and round and tap looking.

This is a great example of the weather and climate impacting on the material. It now looks very old and dirty which makes it less desirable as we want to think clean and new when drinking out water as it has the illusion of been more hygienic.

Another broken drinking fountain. All the old fountains seem to be made from stone.


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