Fountains and photos

This fountain is interesting as it has water coming out from the side, you can see the wet ground where the small drain up the side where the water comes out.I am not sure why it is designed this way at all, as the water just goes down the drain. It is also waste water so it has spit inside it so you would not want to wash your hands or fill up a bottle from it. Its location is out neat the botanical gardens.

Here is another example of a drinking fountains drain which is visible, though the bin next to it makes it appear more dirty as I image the bin would smell.

This next drinking fountain has too much stagnant water around it making it feel and look very dirty. Its one of the older stone designs. It looks like the height of the water means it will land on the ground and there is a drain nearby, though its just formed a big wet puddle at the bottom.

Here is an interesting Photo of how he holds the weight of his bags up on top of the fountain why he drinks. I have cropped this photo so the user can’t be identified for privacy.

Holding books and camera while about to use the fountain.

Some fountains and water from around Melbourne, there isn’t as much left now we are in a drought.

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