Books relvant to my project

Basics Designing with water by Axel Lohrer

Designing With Water

page 9 “water has a unique position among natural elements. The relationship that humans have with water is complex, ambivalent, and ever oscillating between to much and to little. Water is the foundation of life. Its energy, healing qualities, light and meditative inspiration is captivity for us all, yet water also contains elements of danger. It can instill fear and awe, and drought or floods and also kill.

Water represents untamed nature and therefore absolute purity, freedom and infinite power, it symbolises the opposite of a world that is fettered by technology. These issues can be expressed dynamically in the form of roaring waterfalls, powerful animated fountains, or dense mist sculptures.

Water can be prestigious or symbolic, depending on how it is applied as a design element.

page 22 Design Approaches

Designing with water is a very individual practice influenced by a variety of factors. These include a specific handling of the element of water, the actual site, the role it plays as an architectural element in space, the function of the element needs to fulfill, its various sensory aspects, as well as the symbolic power water can express.

Page 28. The original function of the fountains was to supply drinking water. The development of a comprehensive public drinking water system, which ultimately included individual apartments, replaced the original function of public fountains as the towns or city’s water supply.

page 31 Symbolism

Depending on context, the form and movement of water can be represent serenity, refreshment, vitality or wealth. It is a cross- cultural symbol of life and temporariness. Water not only literally ensures survival; it also it also symbolises human intellect and spirituality. The moon, water, and femininity are closely related in terms of symbolism.

p33 Designing with water is more expressive if the sensory experience is inter grated into the concept and recontextualized. It is difficult to say which of the senses is most or most intensely stimulated by water. But ultimately a harmonious, well balanced interplay is the key to a successful composition.


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