Back casting

Backcasting for Industrial Transformations and System Innovations Towards Sustainability: Relevance for Governance?

Here is a description about back casting from the sus house. It seems backcasting isn’t are relatively new thing and goes back to the 70s to Amory Lovins as an alternative planning technique towards energy where a desirable future (or range of futures) and how these could be achieved.

Jaco Quist and Philip Vergragt have also written articles about the method of back casting they can be found on Science Direct database, log in using the RMIT library. The most interesting I found is titled Past and future of backcasting: The shift to stakeholder participation and a proposal for a methodological framework.

It’s really interesting method to use, so I am going to research it a little more and post up any really interesting bits and it is something I definitely can use, as a method it needs to include the future economy, social impacts, cultural and organisational and technological changes along with the environment. I am going to edit up my scenario to get the best outcome and figure out the incremental changes of how to get to the goal.

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