Patents for Drinking Fountains

Looking into designs of other drinking fountains I thought I would see what patents are out there.

This involves using a sensor “The sensor does not activate until a user steps up to the unit and is within a preset range or distance from the unit. Use is made of an infrared sensor for controlling the operation of the unit. Circuitry is provided to control the time of commencement of the operation of the unit, the time period duration of operation…”United States Patent number4872485

Others are simply attachments for taps which make the water turn into an upwards motion.United States Patent number 2747930

United States Patent 6129291 A device for displaying advertising in association with a drinking fountain or water fountain is disclosed. A first embodiment of the invention comprises forming a clear plastic panel or laminate to conform with the splash guard and basin portions of a drinking fountain.
Push buttons on top of taps.
“Most are just the designs and how they look rather than any really intresting ideas on the operation side. A pushbutton valve assembly for regulating water flow from a water supply to a point of use such as a bubbler head of a drinking fountain. The valve assembly includes a valve body adapted for mounting onto a suitable housing panel or the like, and includes an internal valve cartridge for on-off control of water flow. A pushbutton is rotatably carried by an escutcheon ring mounted rotatably onto an exposed outboard end of the valve body, and this pushbutton is axially movable between depressed and non-depressed positions for on-off operation of the valve cartridge.” U.S. Classification 251321000

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