How do drinking founatins work?

I decided to see if there are other peoples experiences about drinking fountains online as adults we forget that we learnt or observed others first on how they work, and our understanding of them as its hard to see children using them as there in school and these days parent seem to carry water and drinks around.

4. Learning how to use a drinking fountain, and that we don’t wash our hands in it.

This is the experience of a new mother and her recently adopted son Kayeso from Ethiopia he is almost 5 years old.

If you could fill a bucket with the world’s water, only a teaspoonful would be drinkable.

The following quotes is from a blog.

“Sadly, one could walk from The Haight to SOMA and still not find a drinking fountain. Enter a public building, school, museum, or shopping mall and you might get lucky. Once you find it, filling your Camelbak can be a hassle as most fountains are designed for direct mouth to fountain access…

Drinking from one of these is certainly not an inviting experience nor is it conducive to a social gathering of any sort! In contrast, there is a communal meeting area that receives high traffic.”

“A secondary conclusion of my observational research is the aspect of cultural upbringing. Nearly 40% of students where I teach are international of which 80% come from Asia, including Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. Many are from cultures where it is not possible to drink municipal water and thus have been brought up never to drink tap water. Their minds are embedded with perceptions that bottled water is cleaner and safe.”

What could be done to change this? 
What if the access point was moved away from the bathroom at the sake of being near plumbing and brought closer to a communal area? 
What if instead of being painting a dismal shade of beige it was modern like an Eames chair or designed by a Philippe Stark-esque type of icon? Perhaps these students could be educated to drink from the water fountain and making the fountain attractive and fashionable could enforce their behavior changes.”

How old water fountains in rome worked.


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