Design for access and mobility Part 2:

Page 43

27.3 Drinking fountains and water coolers 27.3.1 General At each location where drinking fountains or water coolers are provided, at least one of these shall be in accordance with Figure 33. 27.3.2 Water outlet The water outlet shall be as close as possible to the front of the unit. It shall direct the water flow to a height of 80 mm to 100 mm in a trajectory that is parallel or nearly parallel to the front of the unit (see Figure 33). 27.3.3 Controls Controls shall either be centrally positioned at the front of the unit or if positioned at the side, be on both sides and not more than 180 mm from the front of the unit. Controls operable by one hand shall require an operating force of not more than 19.5 N. NOTE: A foot-operated control is acceptable if installed in addition to, but not instead of, hand-operated controls. 27.3.4 Recessed drinking fountains Where a drinking fountain is recessed, in addition to complying with the clearance requirements in Figure 33, a clear width of space underneath the unit not less than 800 mm shall be provided. 27.3.5 Cup dispensers The height of the operative components of cup dispensers shall be not more than 1100 mm above the trafficable surface.


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