Time management

Its not that I lack time management skills at all its just that my life always seems to get in the way, then I get stressed out as I feel behind which makes me unmotivated which make s me less creative then it seems nothing is ever done to it full potential.

So after thinking this over deciding that my stress was driving me insane not knowing exactly what type of designer I want to start out as (as I know its going to change) then taking on another job as I am having trouble saving as everything is going into living and some weeks taking away from the savings, I have taken on a new job of 16+ hrs a week which means even less time for everything, but also a necessity its getting to the point if I stay home much longer its going to be the end.

Having a good chat with Soumitri together we have sorted out the best solution to this lack of studio work and motivation, where I will sort out weekly submissions so I can rule off things and not feel like I am forever going nowhere forward as much as I try.

I shall post up the assignments up here and where I am at so it’s like a mini contract of a what, why and how it fits into the project. Task for week 9 is to look into the consumer of the drinking fountains are the councils as they are the ones who by them. I will create a detailed questionnaire and post it up here shortly. The two councils I hope to start off with are the Shire of Yarra Ranges and Melbourne city council.  As they have different needs, purposes and locations.


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