Reflections on No bottled water

It is clear that plastic bottles are bad for the environment as most just end up in landfills, and it’s also clear that it’s bad socially to, not knowing where the water comes from and it affecting the areas water tables. It is also very expensive to purchase and money isn’t spent maintaining public water infrastructure in some areas as the demand is reduced.

I hope if I discover and share why bottled water is so bad for the people and environment it will help to change people’s attitudes towards drinking fountains so they will actively use them. As Bottled water is the main competitor for Public drinking fountains as they offer much more convenience of being personal, portable and what is deemed safe and hygienic.

Reusing the same bottled water may seem like the better choice but this could be affecting your health and isn’t advised by ABWI (Australasian Bottled Water Institute) and ASDA. This is because the plastic breaks down over use as it’s designed as a single use product.

I think if more people understand about the implications of bottled water it will be easier to get people to stop drinking them.


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