Observations and reflections on Drinking fountain photos.

People and their interaction:
As an adult you tend to bend over a long way to reach the water and drink from the drinking fountain, this offers a problem as when you bend over people with long hair that isn’t tied back find it to be in their face and way as they try to drink. To solve this problem with one hand the hair is kept back out of the face.

People wearing a tie/scarf or other loose clothing around the neck find that they also have to hold these back with one hand in order not to get them wet. People also feel very in elegant when bending over and their bottom is exposed.

Holding bags or anything in the hands is also problematic as people don’t like to put them on the ground or in the dirt, and if they did there is a chance they would also become wet as water runs off/around the drinking fountain. People who have multiple bags like backpacks, laptops, shoulder bags and camera bags find the problem that they have to carry them all in one hand in a big balancing act, opt to put them on the ground, surrounding areas/objects or in one case on top of the drinking fountain towards the side.

This all makes the use inconvenient and unattractive for users. People don’t enjoy themselves or their belongings getting wet, or their belongings being far way from the person as they feel that it is in the way of others or would get stolen.

When having a heavy backpack while using the drinking fountain it is hard to get down and up us the weight of the person has changed, and if the backpack moves can make people lose their balance.

All drinking fountains are designed so your mouth doesn’t come in contact with the tap/bubbler for hygiene reasons. Though as a child if you really wanted to its still really easy, I remember I did this as a small child if the water wasn’t high enough to drink from as I had no idea about germs.

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