Learning Contract V3

This is my learning contract version 3.

Learning Contract for Pre Major and Major project 2009:

Key learning Objectives: To maintain and develop enough depth and scope for a year long project, gain critical understanding of myself as a designer develop a strong project to launch myself as a professional designer.


This learning contract will assist my project proposal and research document. It will negotiate what I as the individual involved in the project desire to achieve and penalties in place is this doesn’t occur.

I will start talking about my personality and how I am aiming to achieve a High distinction from my Pre Major project, as I believe this sets the bar and gives me motivation to go forwards and achieve big things, I don’t want to look good on a piece of paper or sound good I am merely trying to set high goals in order to push myself away from comfort zones and being stuck down the same path.

My interest in design has always been broad and I have tried to master and learn the basics of as many skills as possible. I have enjoyed working within the fields of Sustainable design and will continue to do so with this project even if it is within the background. I have an interest in many different cultures as they way in which they live their lives is similar but also very different at the same time as their set of values is different along with histories and politics. I am studying Chinese language and culture as it allows me to observe and appreciate people’s lives.

I have designed various forms of transport, looked into byproducts and created furniture in CAD. My final project allows me to fill in any holes and strengthen skills within what is seen as traditional product design but with depth and a strong research component to allow my drinking fountain to not become just another object. It will also assist in developing my own design process and project management.

Pre Major:

Will allow me to gain depth in design products for people what they want desire and can become part of peoples lives. This is an investigation into people, their environment, sociological, political, cultural and ethical impacts about drinking water, plastic bottles and drinking fountains along with the construct of their city, Melbourne. A basic materials and manufacturing process along with the beginnings of form studies will also be completed by end of semester 1.

Major Project:

As will have found out what the people want, and have a strong grasp of form studies, semiotics, drinking fountain functions I can continue to draw and create pieces that people feel are inviting to use. Before a final design is chosen feedback will be sort after. Prototyping will begin and more feed back. Final designs will be put into CAD, and a working prototype of the pipes constructed to see if water will behave in this manner. The final design will be prototyped for testing.

Tasks: All tasks set by Soumitri are to be completed by the due date and later reviewed and revised. Often with writing documents these things can take more than one draft, and as feedback and resources are added and read I will have the ability to strengthen my writing and make it more coherent.

Blackboard: I will contribute whenever I can and talk freely in discussion I view that there is no right or wrong answer just critical and design thinking. Hopefully I will be able to assist in others projects, and use my strengths to improve and help my peers as much as possible and be collaborative as much as possible.

Online Spaces and the Glass box effect:

I will blog weekly or hopefully daily about my project on wordpress, https://restlessness.wordpress.com

This will assist in developing software skills and tools, online networking, multimedia, online classroom, reflective and openness and critical design thinking and discussions.


Realising and conceptualising the design project, using research and design methods. This is where I will implement my research proposal, mind maps and methods. Outcomes from the research will include a thesis document, video documentation and edits as I have never undertaken this format, photo diaries and documentation, diaries and critical writings about these events along with analytical skills, interviewing techniques something which I lack skills and knowledge about, survey writing and how to find the answers I want from people and case studies where appropriate.  There will also be product and material knowledge.

Design Process:

Is an ongoing project through out the year to discover a successful and professional practice, while gaining competency in critical design skills and tools.

Skills which I believe will shape me as a designer include:

  • Design discussions
  • Design writing
  • Illustration /sketching
  • Brainstorming and mind mapping
  • Competency in CAD software and 3D visualisation
  • Competency in material choices
  • Prototyping
  • Broad exploration in materials
  • Model making and technical skills
  • Competency in graphic design software and
  • Documentation and written skills
  • Video and photographic documentation
  • Clear documentation on the processes used
  • Research methods

Outcomes include

  • My own visual and creative identity
  • A good depth of design knowledge and processes
  • Thesis Document
  • Cultural understanding of Melbourne and its people
  • A well designed drinking fountain
  • Technical drawings of the drinking fountain
  • A portfolio that can be placed online
  • A strong and coherent individual design process

Penalty Clause:

Failure to deliver the set outcomes on time and to a satisfactory grade will mean a definite loss of marks, and possibly a loss of grades; this will be discussed with the class and lecture at the time. If a significant amount of skills and goals are unattained Major project will need to be reviewed to encompass what is being left out.


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