Losing a chunk of my life

After loosing my notebook I use for uni last Thursday on the train I have had a hard time trying to sort out exactly what was inside it, it had heaps of notes about what I was doing and thinking, as I feel like silly writing everything up for people to read, and then trying to decide what is relevant to our projects or not.

Though reading ‘On the method in car Design but also all things design’ article I have decided I can include everything as after all when I experience or observe interesting moments helps me to become a better designer. That’s a long tangent to take but the idea of designers being a visual culture, and we need beauty around us and are inspired by it.

So this blog is going to fill up with beautiful things, and my own thoughts about this project. I have been too silent so to make up for this I will blog something everyday. This is not only for the studio but I feel I need to clarify what design is, and more importantly what type of designer I am and where I sit amongst everything.


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