Group questioning technique from class

Drinking Fountains

What is it?

A place to drink, water supply, communal use, a meeting point, shared object, nurtures culture water is a healthy drink good for the body and immune system, costly to have/own a personal drinking fountain, unmovable, its an interaction, a basic human need to have water, public service, water feature, a sculpture, generosity from the government, exposed, exclusive, corporate, convenient and permanent.

Why is it the way it is?

Cost, hygiene issues, easy to use, intuition to use, street product which is defined by its environment, size/height of humans, semiotics-recognise signs, permanent, it stay there, it needs to withstand its environment, with stand vandals, high water use, recognisable, iconic, curvy, form, want to have clear water to drink from (not dirty looking), heat restrictions can’t become hot in the sun outside, material restrictions.

What else can it be?

Toilet, soft drink, free vending machine, water point for firemen, mobile, personalised, every one has their own, integrated into the walls of buildings around the city, customisable, a shop where you can select your beverage of choice, produce something other than just fluids eg: toothpaste, bird bath, not working, rise out from the ground below so people realise that it is clean and out of harms way, stands upright, used by dogs and other animals, shower/washing facility, private not public, does it have to be free? Be on the ground, suspended in the air, drink from the sky water flows downwards and can’t see where it comes from, easy access.

What should it be?

Easily accessible, aesthetically pleasing, looks clean, fulfils the need to drink, cool people want to use them, hygienic – hands free, no touch system on the street, social statement – being cool to use them, promotes equality, culturally friendly, multi functional – showering, cleaning, mechanics should be simple less repairs needed, overall simple, easy to repair, a service to clean them so people feel they are being looked after, self cleaning, own source of water generation not connected to the mains.


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