So here are some photos

We had no power at our house yesterday as a truck smashed into a power line and knocked it down. We had trouble getting home to as our section of road was all blocked off to traffic. The power was out for almost 11 hours, our heater wouldn’t work so the house was freezing and luckily we have a gas stove so dinner wasn’t too hard. It was very quiet in the dark all the house around where also in total darkness needless to say not to much work got done as I needed the internet and laptop, but I did spend a lot of time writing Chinese characters out. I got the results for my Chinese test 8.25 out of 10 so I was very happy, it was also interesting to hear that I talk like someone who knows Chinese originally my teacher (老师) thought that one of my parents spoke Chinese, then I explained that I had been there and she said she can tell in the way I talk that I have been influenced by the language.


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