More General Readings from Blackboard

A few more I put up just as a refresher for myself.

The equation it’s very simple: put together humanism, psychoanalysis, semiotic and design. You’ll have “interaction design”. The expression “humanism’ generally refers to a series of values and ideals related to the celebration of the human being. It is enough to say that when the greek philosopher Protagoras from a reflection said: “The human being as the measure of all things”, he launches the basis on which humanism would be defined.

Design a project with specific goals, specific tasks, and specific outcomes.

Artifact Project

Artifact: Artifact as an “it.” What is it? (This is an exercise in specificity). How can it be conceptualized? What is it to different groups of people and individuals? How is it situated in the world and how is the world situated in it?

How is the world in the artifact?

Symbolic dimensions (What are the many different ways in which it can be taken as a symbol? What parts of it can be taken as symbols? How do these symbols mean in the world? Where do they mean? What are the histories of these symbols? To what have they been attached?

Labor dimensions (Where was it produced? How was it produced? Are there stages in its production? Where has it traveled to and from? Who produces it? What are the histories of its production?

Material dimensions (What materials are involved in these production processes? Where have these materials come from? What are the labor dimensions of their production? What are the global, economic, and political dimensions of their use? What are the histories of these materials? How do these help constitute it?

How is the artifact in the world?

Context and situatedness (Where does it appear in the world? How does it appear and next to what or in what? What activities or ways of life enable one to come across it? What kinds of audiences are it addressed to? Who is excluded in these addresses? When can it appear? What is the rhythm of its appearance? How does this matter?

Symbolic dimensions (How does this object serve in symbolic systems? What kinds of metaphors is it involved in? What sorts of ideas, metaphors, movements, ideologies, etc., are associated with it? For whom are these relevant , to whom do they matter, what contests over meaning are they involved in? What are the histories of these meanings and contests over meaning? How do they matter?

Labor dimensions (How is it used? What forms of labor and work is it associated with? What forms of labor and work incorporate it or make use of it? Is it used up? If not, how is it passed on, transferred, communicated? What routes do these processes take? What kinds of actors (human and non-human) are involved and what kinds are excluded?

Material dimensions (How do the materials of the object appear? How are they disposed of? What hazards are considered among these materials? What are the historical, scientific, and political dimensions of these materials?

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