What does Soumitri get out of teaching us?

As we where all given this task last week I thought maybe I would try to answer it, though this would mostly be the reasons if I was a lecture dedicating late nights to marking, and the frustrations in getting every one motivated and working.

I think the answer becomes clear if we firstly ask why teach? Soumtiri has made it clear to us that there will be a professional relationship, (I won’t be your friend and go out for drinks) and that he expects us all to work and complete all tasks he has listed. This means he will distance himself slightly, in a way he can observe us clearer and more objectively.

Where there is a leadership type role the leader can gain credit for the guidance given and the results and outcomes achieved though I don’t think this is the reason why Soumitri teaches us.

I think that the only outcome Soumitri seeks from us is not only to become better designers and hard workers is that we can see ourselves as designers, our weaknesses and limitations and strengths and ambitions and get to know and understand who we are and how we work.

Secretly I think Soumitri is in for it when we all have our Eureka moments, when we know and can achieve something  when all our efforts have gone into something, and he knew secretly all along we could get there but its not is job to tell us how. That moment when you know you are invincible and every second of the course you have poured and devoted your time to has all been worth it.

Why would some one want to lead and guide others, it’s personally for filling to watch someone grow and learn and become enthusiastic about this process.  Growing and learning means many failures, wrong turns and mistakes getting to the point you want to give up, walk away angry and return willing not to be beaten by a task. It’s a rewarding process when steering someone else along this path as you to grow as a person, you come out changed along with them. It is not the same growth you don’t come out with the same knowledge but something different. It can sometimes be as challenging to be a leader.

The worst kind of leader is someone who tells you the way it should be and how it is done. They over crowed you to the point where you have no movement and every deviance from the path set is a mistake, waste of time and not worthwhile. It leaves you feeling trapped, that you are not practicing as yourself.

Well that’s all for now I don’t think I have really answered the question it’s a hard one I might have to come back to it.

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