Questioning Technique

This will be updated when I think of more ideas as I progress along.

What is it?

  • A public service and product provide by the city
  • Its paid for in taxes and rates, owned and shared by people of Melbourne
  • Clean, reliable, free, safe drinking water
  • Cleaning the body, healthy, body needs it to survive, need at least 8 glasses of water a day to be healthy and prevent dehydration,
  • A public facility/product shared by every one
  • It’s a permanent fixture connected to the mains, unmovable
  • Costly no point to have one in your own home
  • Costly to keep replacing and meant to last years
  • Its exposed to all types of weather and to vandalism
  • Its mistreated and used broken
  • Frustrating when its not working
  • Most effective when there are multiple then there is no need to walk to far.
  • Corporate, then can afford to buy them for courtyards.
  • An interaction
  • Water feature
  • Sculpture
  • Convenient
  • Part of streets and gardens the environment
  • Not enough in the city to rely on to use, too many are not working
  • Water is at room temperature
  • A glorified tap
  • Refreshing in the hot sun
  • Annoying in the rain
  • Slippery around base as water doesn’t always go down the drain
  • Nurtures good healthy practices
  • Appreciated by the community who use them
  • A water vessel
  • Non exclusive don’t have to be from Melbourne to use it
  • Musical and rhythmic relaxing sound of water
  • Cool and refreshing
  • Awakening and energising
  • Cleaning/washing hands

Why is it the way it is?

  • Cost
  • Materials
  • Hygiene issues
  • Easy to use
  • intuition to use
  • street product which is defined by its environment can’t be too big or small
  • size/height of humans
  • semiotics
  • recognise signs
  • Permanent it stays in the one spot
  • Needs to withstand the harsh environment, lots of sunlight, no sunlight, constant water
  • Withstand vandals
  • High water use
  • Recognisable
  • Iconic
  • Curvy
  • Form
  • Clear transparent water to drink
  • Heat restrictions can’t become hot in the sun outside
  • Material restrictions
  • Undervalued
  • It’s a glorified tap to drink from
  • To prevent people sticking sticks inside and been blocked
  • To prevent peoples mouths touching where the water comes out
  • People don’t trust other people from keeping it clean/misusing it
  • People don’t like to think animals (dogs) wee on something they are drinking from
  • Needs to be on the ground

What else can it be?

  • Toilet
  • Soft drink instead of water
  • Fire hydrant
  • Mobile and transportable to where its needed
  • Personalised
  • Every one can have their own around the city
  • We share every ones
  • Each street can have one
  • Integrated into buildings
  • Integrated into walls
  • Customisable
  • Different colours so you know how far away you are from the city, so you know where north, south, east and west are
  • a shop where you can select your beverage of choice
  • Sprinkler
  • A statuses quo
  • produce something other than just fluids eg: toothpaste
  • Bird bath
  • Animal Bath
  • shower/washing facility
  • rise out from the ground
  • used by dogs and other animals
  • private not public
  • suspended in the air
  • Drink water as it falls
  • Easy access
  • Waste water used to water surrounding plants, gardens
  • Generates its own water
  • Not bulky (big and cumbersome)
  • Provide somewhere to sit and drink
  • Provide somewhere to put belongings while using it
  • A meeting point
  • Fills up cups and glasses
  • Makes people want to move away from plastic bottles
  • Provides choice of warm/cold water

What should it be?

  • Easily accessible
  • Recognisable
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • Looks clean and hygienic
  • fulfils the need to drink
  • A statuses quo
  • cool people want to use them
  • promotes equality
  • social statement
  • Hands free
  • no touch system on the street
  • multi functional – showering, cleaning
  • culturally friendly
  • mechanics should be simple less repairs needed
  • Always working or can tell by looking when its not
  • overall simple not complicated to use
  • easy to repair
  • a service to clean them so people feel they are being looked after
  • self cleaning
  • own source of water generation not connected to the mains
  • A meeting point
  • A conversation point
  • Part of Melbourne’s identity

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