The Mysteries within Blackboard

So yet again I find myself wasting time instead of writing out my proposal searching the links Soumitri has placed up in blackboard. There really good and get you thinking but as its really up to each student themselves to read and find all the good bits of information I’ll only put up this quote. I have gotten overly sidetracked with all this extra reading material and if I want to complete any assignments this week I should stop now.

I have become addicted to some sights and always look the up each week. I’ll post up a few links now and then of what I come across.

‘Where is the dignity and seriousness of purpose design once had as a profession? We are training more designers than ever, and their energy and talent is obvious from their end-of-year degree shows. But what then? As Sudjic points out, the decline of low-cost manufacturing in the west is a crucial factor in there being fewer possibilities for product designers in this country. Our great designers, from Brunel to Barnes Wallis, famous for the dam-buster bomb, were engineers and inventors, creatively involved with the processes of making. Now designers are at best merely surface decorators, appliers of Botox to manufactured objects.’

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