Looking Backwards

While reading others capability statements it was inspiring to hear the different pathways into this course and then how people have navigated their way through it following their passions and developing their skills. It reminded me of how when I was going through the interview process, I sat one for product design at TAFE where I was told I was too far behind every one when they looked through my work, and would defiantly struggle at a university level if I was to ever get in.

I was always concerned that this would be the case on my arrival as I know my high school education had become limited due to facilities I could have access to, we where limited from how much one spend on the computer (There where only 4 computers that had Photoshop and Illustrator) and our teacher didn’t know how to use these programs so everything was self taught, this I think helped me heaps as since fist year we have been made to self teach most of our skills and then refine them in class.

My old high school was never seen as academic, only about 17 students from our home group in year seven finished high school the year I did, and only about one third from about 160 students went on to TAFE, apprenticeships or university. I think coming from a school that provide me with hardly anything (we even had to buy our own pencils and set squares for our Graphics class) to university where we have workshops, computer labs and heaps more made me feel motivated to give everything a go.

Foshan University was similar to my high school as students didn’t have access to computers until our arrival, and sitting in class on plastic stools for hours on end. It doesn’t matter what facilities and materials you have around it’s the motivation and creativity that makes us in the end.

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