Careers Expo

Yesterday I went to see what other opportunities are out there for graduates. Although there was nothing directly linked to Industrial Design (there was no surprise there) finding that there are a lot more pathways into mostly government jobs that all sound really challenging and interesting, and some that lead into overseas roles. These generalist graduate programs all sounded worthwhile as they all lead to a very diverse range of careers and within the graduate program different streams are chosen.

I know that I want to end up doing something that diverse and interesting as I get bored easily. I also think I work best under pressure, but knowing I am capable of completing the tasks on time. It gave me a lot more to think about, though I know I do love design it will be something I will always come back to if I ever left it. Also as every one knows where the economy is heading it might not be such a bad thing to go out and learn some new things while getting paid at the same time. I am not sure if I will apply to anything yet I’ll give it a week or so to think things through.


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