Starting pre-major

I always find it challenging to write about myself it’s not because I am boring or haven’t done anything it’s mostly because I don’t like to reveal to much about myself to others. I feel if you really want to know me as a person then you would become a friend. I also sometimes see myself as strange and different so it’s scary revealing these qualities to others.

This year’s studio is already set up nicely the first task of discussing ourselves sets up for an inviting environment I think it’s an easier place to feel motivated and enthusiastic unlike last year where each class felt like I was a piece of meat waiting to be devoured and spat out, and the room would turn silent and dead for the hours studio ticked by. (Not exactly what I call a mentor like environment.)

A studio is an important place to work in as it almost becomes like a mismatched family, there are the people who have your back for everything and anything and the others who you only put up with as they are family. It was easy to feel like I had a place in the studio last week. After most groups had left I ended up joining another group for further discussions.

It’s very hard to think to say about myself as it’s far easier to be told by others what they observe about you. As if you write about qualities that you have and know one else sees them they just become lies. Plus you don’t want to become to generic and basic then it sounds like you are lifeless and a clone of thousands of other designers.

I have a feeling that this will be a good year, so hopefully that turns out to be right. I feel more energised and enthusiastic already.


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